About Us


We are a group of pre-professionals who are a part of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association who are dedicated to serving populations with speech, hearing, language and swallowing differences

Our Bylaws

PSU NSSLHA's Promise to You.


Perks of Joining

1. Get access to tips & tricks navigating PSU, Grad school, building your resume and more!

2. Deepen your relationship with faculty 

3. Access to NSSLHA scholarships

4. Access to volunteer opportunities

5. Gain valuable experience in the field

Difference Between National & Local NSSLHA

National NSSLHA

  • Access to subscriptions, services, and discounts. 

    • ASHA Journals​

    • Discount off your initial dues and fees as a professional (CCC's $225 off!)

    • Scholarships & more

  • $60 per year

  • Networking opportunities across the country

Portland State NSSLHA

  • Access to services and experiences at the local level

    • Less competitive scholarships

    • Community service opportunities in the Portland Metro Area (currently can participate virtually)

  • $30 per year

  • Networking opportunities

    • With faculty outside the classroom​

    • Professionals & advocates in the community


By signing up for National NSSLHA, you help our local Chapter receive National recognition. More National NSSLHA info  


Meet our 2021-2022 Board!


Teale Niles


I am a post-bacc aspiring to be a speech language pathologist. I have many interests - social communication, early intervention, and voice disorders to name a few. In my free time I enjoy playing with my dog, Bella.


Bhavani Ganesh


Hey! My name is Bhavani and I am an aspiring bilingual pediatric speech-pathologist. This year is my final year in undergrad. I speak Tamil in addition to English and fun fact, it's known to be the oldest language of the world! I am interested in bilingualism, stuttering and AAC. Outside of school, I enjoy singing, trying new foods/cuisines and watching foreign language movies and TV shows.


Amanda Corr

Public Relations

Hi! I'm Amanda and I am in my final year of undergrad at PSU. My interests in the field of speech and hearing include multiculturalism, bilingual language development, equity and inclusion, and speech sound disorders. Outside of school, I love hiking, baking, cooking and taking in live art in all forms. 


Emme Herring

Community Outreach Chair

Bio coming soon


Curtis Hartling


Bio coming soon

Toni's Headshot 2021.jpeg

Toni Lewis

Vice President

Hello! My name is Toni. I am a Spanish-English multicultural bilingual and from Big Sur, California. This is my third and final year of the SPHR and Spanish programs. I am interested in bilingualism, neurolinguistics, and language acquisition. In my free time, I enjoy knitting, puzzling, reading, hiking, and watching my houseplants grow.


Elizabeth Umana


Bio coming soon

Minhkim's Headshot.jpg

Minhkim Bui

Fundraising Co-Chair

Hi! I am in my fourth and final year of undergrad at PSU, speech and hearing sciences major with a minor in psychology. I am interested in audiology, bilingualism, and promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace and educational settings. I enjoy working with children, being involved in the community, baking, and all things music! 


Katharine Ross

Fundraising Co-Chair

Hey there! My name is Kat Ross and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am in my final year of my second undergrad degree before I head to grad school for Speech Language Pathology. I hope to work with children with elevated service needs in order to achieve their communication goals. In my free time I like to hike, play board games, and hang out with my cat.


Kristin Kopperud

Peer Mentor Program Coordinator

I am a second year post-bac student in SPHR with a degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. I am interested in inclusion and diversity, working with multilingual families, and the importance of AAC. When I'm not in school or working, I love cooking, baking, and gardening with my two kids, and hiking around all the green trails in Oregon with my husband and family. I also love traveling the globe and immersing myself in different cultures.  

We believe in creating an equitable environment to further Speech and Hearing Science Students professional learning on becoming Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists