About Us


We are a group of pre-professionals who are a part of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association who are dedicated to serving populations with speech, hearing, language and swallowing differences

Our Bylaws

PSU NSSLHA's Promise to You.


Perks of Joining

1. Get access to tips & tricks navigating PSU, Grad school, building your resume and more!

2. Deepen your relationship with faculty 

3. Access to NSSLHA scholarships

4. Access to volunteer opportunities

5. Gain valuable experience in the field

Difference Between National & Local NSSLHA

National NSSLHA

Portland State NSSLHA

  • Access to subscriptions, services, and discounts. 

    • ASHA Journals​

    • Discount off your initial dues and fees as a professional (CCC's $225 off!)

    • Scholarships & more

  • $60 per year

  • Networking opportunities across the country

  • Access to services and experiences at the local level

    • Less competitive scholarships

    • Community service opportunities in the Portland Metro Area (currently can participate virtually)

  • $30 per year

  • Networking opportunities

    • With faculty outside the classroom​

    • Professionals & advocates in the community

By signing up for National NSSLHA, you help our local Chapter receive National recognition. More National NSSLHA info  

Meet our 2020-2021 Board!



Katie Klupenger

I am a Senior in my undergrad aspiring to be a speech pathologist. I am interested in telepractice, fluency, and AAC. I like to hike, surf, snowboard, and any other outdoor activity that the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

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Mariel Pinto

I am currently pursuing a BS in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Public Health. I plan to get my Master's Degree to become a Speech-Language Pathologist with the hopes of working with brain injury survivors.  In my free time, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, paddleboarding, and more!


Public Relations

Molly Cohen

I am a post-bacc student in the SPHR department, hoping to become a speech language pathologist. My favorite things to do in my free time include playing softball, making macrame wall art, and going on outdoor adventures. 

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Fundraising Comittee

Charity Williams

I am interested in SLP in the education field and also Audiology in pediatrics. I love being outside, climbing mountains, cycling, running and photography are a few of my favorite things!!! And going on wild adventures with my family of course :-) 

Taylor Allen Professional Picture.png

Graduate Ambassador

Taylor Allen

I am a first year grad student at Portland State University and a future bilingual speech-language pathologist.  My clinical and research interests include fluency disorders, working with bilingual populations, and telepractice. I am also especially fond of phonetics! In my free time, I love exploring the outdoors, creative projects, playing the ukulele, snuggling my kitty, and culinary adventures. 


Vice President

Olivia Kincaid

I am a post-bac student, currently interested in pediatric speech language pathology. Some of my favorite things to do in my spare time is maintaining my own horticulture practice, cooking painting, and printmaking. 



Myra Vazquez

I am interested in speech pathology with a focus on bilingual groups. 

I enjoy baking and eating in my free time, I am a bit of a foodie. 

Fundraising Chair

Christina Dubucki

My passion for language has led me to an interest in speech language pathology with a focus in partnering with bilingual children and families. In my free time, I find myself reading fiction in the realm of magical realism, figure drawing, playing the occasional videogame, and going on lots of adventures with my four year old son, Scout.


Fundraising Comittee

Elyse Crawford

I am interested in going into Speech Language Pathology. As I take more classes in the SPHR department, I am exploring which areas of the field are most interesting to me because currently I'm interested in everything! My favorite things to do in my free time are hanging out with my niece and nephew, watching movies, and making arts and crafts! 



Curtis Hartling

I am a clinical audiologist at the Pacific EarClinic (part of Pacific University) and an assistant clinical professor at Portland State University.  I enjoy biking, swimming, and making pizza in my free time.

We believe in creating an equitable environment to further Speech and Hearing Science Students professional learning on becoming Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists