Event Recordings

Faculty Food For Thought with Dr. Deanna Britton

Topic: "The impact of mouthpiece ventilation on speech in men with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy".

This event will includes a presentation and Q&A discussion.

Zoom recording with closed captions: 


Food for Thought with Dr. Amy Donaldson and endever* Corbin

Dr. Amy Donaldson and endever* Corbin presenting on the topic, “Speaking Autistic adults who use AAC”.

Zoom recording with closed captions: https://pdx.zoom.us/rec/share/j-qFPx1g6vKrRpU9KaJZMB1idleXSlAk4lFU9j7ALr23MHh2T7IABVQTx2Jk6JrQ.l0AzHHWKSa91bBXR?startTime=1611356599000