December Update

Hi everyone!

The Portland State University NSSLHA chapter has been chugging away as our term comes to an end! This month really has rounded out our events for the term including: Phonetic Friday with Professor Teressa Roberts, and Food for Thought with Susan Ginley.

We are so excited to bring back Phonetic Fridays! This recurring virtual event is a great way t

o learn more about the International Phonetic Alphabet and/or practice transcribing with peers. Professor Ginley's Food for Thought included a presentation, a guest speaker, and an open discussion on the topic of "living with aphasia".

As the end of the term comes, I am so proud of what our NSSLHA chapter has accomplished. This remote term was tough, but our local chapter not only adapted to the difficult circumstances, but dominated the virtual platform. I can't wait to see what our Winter term has in store!

We wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday break!

Olivia Kincaid, Vice President of PSU NSSLHA Chapter

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