New Student Group: EDG /ɜdʒ/

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

NSSLHA is partnering with the SPHR department to dive deeper into inequities in our field, and personal biases.

Address Your Biases by Learning From Your Peers

We would like to promote a great new group, EDG (Equity Discussion Group), pronounced /ɜdʒ/, within our SPHR department that is open to students of all levels.

Equity Discussion Group Mission Statement

The Equity Discussion Group is a space to disrupt biased perspectives that have become normalized and could negatively affect the delivery of clinical speech-language pathology services. We work towards increasing equitable practices in the field by raising our awareness of institutional, medical, educational, and societal systems that privilege and oppress individuals and communities.

What Will This Group Look Like?

This group will provide an open space for all SPHR students to communicate about topics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusivity in areas including in our field, on our campus, our communities, and our society at large. There will be a media piece given to group members prior (articles, policies, TEDTalks, podcasts, news articles, and more) that will then be discussed and analyzed. Our peer's provide individualized experiences that can add value to each of us and create change. This group will collaborate to find ways to take action such as getting familiar with policies, where/how to advocate, encouraging voting, and more.

Benefits of Joining?

Benefits of joining this culturally responsive student group include: increasing awareness of oppressive practices or ideas within the field of speech-language pathology(SLP)/audiology, having conversations about overlooked prejudice in the field of SLP/Audiology, sharing ideas about how to approach these prejudices and injustices as future clinicians.

EDG Next Event Coming Winter Term!

EDG had their first event and it was a success! Thank you to all of those who came to address biases and discuss dialectical biases. It was a vulnerable conversation. The EDG board appreciates your support, openness, and grace.

How to Join

It is free to join. You do not need to be a NSSLHA member to participate. NSSLHA is partnering with this group to spread the word.

For further questions, or to become an EDG member, email EDG at:

Hope to see you soon!

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