Reflections from the 2021-22 Board

The 2021-2022 NSSLHA Board

President: Teale Niles Vice President: Toni Lewis Secretary: Bhavani Ganesh Treasurer: Elizabeth Umaña Public Relations: Amanda Corr Co-Fundraising Chair: Minhkim Bui Co-Fundraising Chair: Katharine Ross Community Outreach Chair: Emme Herring Peer Mentor Program Coordinator: Kristin Kopperud Graduate Ambassador: Molly Cohen Faculty Advisor: Curtis Hartling

What has been your favorite NSSLHA event or project so far this year?
  • Amanda: I really enjoyed the Simple Speechie event with Tammy Le.

  • Kristin: Food For Thought: Dysphagia to Diagnosis.

  • Teale: My favorite project has been expanding the blog. I think peer education is really valuable. Giving students a platform to share their experience and interests is important to me.

  • Toni: I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment in spearheading the first Food for Thought event of the academic year. It was a completely new experience that challenged me to work just outside my comfort zone. On the other hand, I had a lot of fun at the game night student social hour at Gather Town!

What made that event or project successful?
  • Amanda: Tammy was a wealth of information and honest about the highs and lows of grad school. She gave us lots of tips and tricks for how to take care of ourselves if (and when) we are accepted into a program.

  • Kristin: The speakers were amazing. They were like rockstars, and made the profession look really fun.

  • Teale: Persistence. Students have so much going on. For most people their last priority is writing a blog post or completing a written interview. When it does happen, though, it's really cool. So, it's worth keeping this avenue open.

  • Toni: The Food for Thought event was successful because I had great resources to guide me through the process. I had a checklist with detailed directions and timelines, and I used an agenda template to structure the event.

What would you change, if anything, about the orientation/training process prior to joining the NSSLHA board?
  • Amanda: I felt like my on-boarding process was smooth. I liked that I got to virtually shadow the person I was replacing to get an idea of the process I would eventually take over.

  • Kristin: My role was brand new and not fully formed. It changed a little bit as I've taken it on. I think the training process for the next person may be a little smoother than mine was.

  • Teale: I would make the training process more formal. I had a lot of 1:1 training with last year's president, but less interaction with the other roles. I hope to make the training process more interactive this year and have group training sessions so the different roles can get a sense of how they fit together.

  • Toni: I would have spent more time shadowing meetings and daily operations.

Who has supported your success and growth as a NSSLHA board member? How have they supported you?
  • Amanda: We have such a rad board this year that I have felt supported by everyone. Curtis has been a huge help too!

  • Kristin: Fellow members, Curtis. They've been able to answer questions along the way

  • Teale: I've received tremendous support from our faculty advisor, Curtis. He understands that this is a learning experience for students and is flexible and encouraging. There is also a statewide NSSLHA officer, Maddi, who is an Audiology graduate student and has many years of experience with NSSLHA when she was an undergrad. She has been invaluable.

  • Toni: Our faculty advisor, Curtis Hartling, has been instrumental in my growth as a board member. I also have to give credit to the previous board for creating so many detailed templates and resources!

What advice do you have for next year's board? Any specific advice for your role?
  • Amanda: Keep the PR job protocol handy and reference it until you get in the swing of the position.

  • Kristin: Be ready to move quickly. Try and get things accomplished in that meeting rather than waiting for the next one to make a decision.

  • Teale: Reach for the stars. Being an officer with NSSLHA gives you resources that student rarely get. Use it.

  • Toni: I advise the next board to familiarize themselves with the google drive and make full use of the templates and protocols for various tasks.

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